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High-Quality Prefabricated Wall Panels

We are an outstanding solution for any company that wants to introduce efficiency and effectiveness into its building portfolio. We have a dedicated team of experts more than ready to adapt to your needs and provide solutions to the unique problems you face. Our focus is on innovation, and we succeed in our goals by pushing the limits of what is possible in our industry. That’s how you can be sure the products you receive from us will be of the highest quality. We’ve grown our reputation since 1947, and we can’t wait to bolster it by working with you.

rowan building

Our Capabilities

We are a multifaceted company with numerous exterior capabilities. Our production facility sits strategically in the southern end of New Jersey. Being part of the StoPanel Technology program our Affiliate partners add four additional manufacturing locations which enable us to uniquely and effectively serve the Boston to Washington D.C. corridor.

We Are Capable of the Following Within Our Facility:

We can handle a broad range of engineering responsibilities at our facility. They include parametric modeling, rapid prototyping, and direct to fabrication delivery. Our engineers have years of experience working with prefabricated wall panels.

Project Delivery

Our project delivery services include preconstruction, construction management, design-assist, and design-build. We are with you from beginning to end of the project, ensuring it fires on all cylinders.


We are capable of procuring the bulk materials we require to prefabricate wall panels. Our operation is swift and well-funded enough to ensure there will never be a problem on the supply side of things.

construction hat

Our teams handle numerous projects throughout the day in our facility. We can take care of parametric modeling and direct-to-fabrication. We have countless CNC machines, ensuring we have everything we need to complete the project.

QC & Delivery

We check every panel at each station during the fabrication process. All the panels are protected and loaded onto trailers to go to the job site and are ready for installation directly off the truck. We ensure no time is lost on site.


Lastly, we can handle the installation of prefabricated wall panels. We work well within deadlines, ensuring we do not hold up other aspects of your project.